Ringa: a User's Manual

Ringa jewelry pieces with the HM distinction (handmade) are pieces that we should treat with our outmost care and love, the same as with every beautiful thing we care about! Pieces with metal components may change their color as time goes by; if we manage to be careful and follow these instructions, these changes we’ll occur later than sooner. We know how fun is to wear your RINGA all the time. BUT PLEASE AVOID USING IT UNDER SOME CIRCUMSTANCES that we’ll mention below in order to keep your RINGA pieces in their best state.

 DO NOT expose your pieces to WATER, especially water with salt or chlorine.

Always avoid to soak or wet your Ringa pieces.

Salty water or water with chlorine will accelerate the oxidation of metals. If you forget to remove your Ringa before swimming in the ocean or in a pool, immediately wash it with fresh water and carefully dry the piece.

 DO NOT spray your piece with alcohol or chemical products.

Direct application of chemicals and alcohols contained in perfumes, colognes, cleaning products, shaving gel, alcohol gel, will affect the color of metals. We recommend applying those products at least 5 minutes before making sure your skin is dry before wearing your Ringa.

 Do not wear your Ringa while engaging in activities that make you perspire.

Please avoid doing sports and activities that make you perspire, such as running, physical training and sauna. Perspiration and humidity excess may oxidate the metal components.For the same reasons, leaving your Ringa in steamy places and reiterative temperature changes may provoke color alterations.

 DO NOT store your Ringa in bags or purses without its protecting bag.

Avoid storing your Ringa in purses and all kinds bags and luggage without its protecting bag. The friction with objects such as charger cables, cosmetics, cell phones, keys, books and others could damage and squash your piece. Make sure to carry your piece inside its protecting bag to protect it from contact with other objects.

 PLEASE DO use Ringa’s protecting bag to protect and isolate its piece.

Make sure to store your Ringa piece in a safe, dry, and hopefully plain place, and always keep away from direct light, far from humidity and extreme heat. Your piece will be shipped with a special bag especially designed to store and preserve your piece, protecting it from all sorts of risk factors.

 And some final advice with general information.

- Intense physical exercise may severely damage your piece due to bumps and drops

- Please keep the piece inside its protecting bag in a dry place between -1° to 35° Celsius (30° to 95° Fahrenheit).

-Exposure to high temperatures inside a hermetically closed space, such as a car’s glove compartment may damage some components of your piece.

- Pieces with metal components may provoke allergic reactions in some people with sensitive skin.